Top Tips for Choosing the Right Deck Stain

Do you want Translucent, solid, clear, or semi-transparent? With several choices in color and opacity, it is quite overwhelming to choose the right stain for the deck. Routine maintenance is necessary for improving the life of the deck. It is a good idea to have a reference guide as far as choosing the best solid deck stain for your deck project. You should get a stain that delivers the style and durability you want.

deck areaSpring is the ideal season for deck staining. That is because it has low humidity and there are many sun hours each day. It is advisable to do staining when there is no rain in the forecast. The truth is that staining the deck is an easy way of transforming the look of the home’s exterior and a good way of protecting and beautifying your space for many years to come. However, the options can seem endless. There are endless opacity and color combinations.


It is vital to understand opacity to understand the impact stain will have on the deck design. Opacity is defined as a degree to which you can see the grain of the wood. The clear stain does not have color added and shows the natural beauty of the wood. The translucent stain does not obscure the texture and grain of the wood. On the other hand, semi-transparent allows most of the texture and grain to show through, with a prominent color. The solid offers the greatest depth that covers most imperfections that allow the texture of wood to show thoroughly.

Considering Color Choices

stained deckdecAs far as the color of the deck is concerned, you should consider the same shade as the home’s trim. The good thing about this technique is that it makes it stand ought against the primary focus of your house for a unified look. If you want a monochromatic look, you should use a similar shade as the house’s primary color. That is a good idea if you want other features such as a dining area or fire pit as the deck’s focal point.

Wood Type

You should note that wood is the most popular choice for the decks. Expensive hardwoods such as ipe or mahogany offer gorgeous texture and grain that shine through using transparent stain. Softer and less expensive woods, including the pressure-treated yellow pine or cedar, can benefit from the solid and semi-solid stains. Also, wood alternatives that are called composite decking are quite popular.