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How to Prepare for a Long Distance Move

Are you going to make a long-distance move in the coming months? Whether it’s more than 100km or less, a long-distance move requires you to organize yourself beforehand to be ready on D-Day and avoid the stress of the move.

For a successful long-distance move, you should prepare early and hire a reliable service that will help you get to your new home. Here are tips that will guarantee you a successful long distance move.

Set the Moving Date

To organize yourself, it is essential to determine a moving date 2 to 3 months in advance to call a professional or even rent a moving truck. If you have a specific budget to respect, it is important to choose when the moving services are less expensive. So, to make your move at the best price, plan in advance and choose a date in the middle of the week or in the winter or spring season.

Contact a Moving Company

Once you have chosen a date, you should then contact the moving company of your choice to reserve your time slot. But first, it is important to make a moving quote in order to know the amount and the services you will benefit from on the D-day. If you want to benefit from some services or only rent a truck or equipment, call a company that offers different moving options.moving services

Take Care of the Administrative Procedures Beforehand

Now that you have planned the date of your move and chosen your moving company, you can then carry out the administrative procedures such as the change of address or the termination of your contracts with your various organizations (bank, internet operator, insurer …). Finally, do not forget to take the steps related to the move with your electricity, water, and gas supplier.

Sort Your Stuff and Get Rid of the Surplus

So that the moving truck is not overloaded, remember to sort out all the bulky and unnecessary items (furniture, clothes, etc.) that you no longer use. A move is precisely the moment to separate yourself from objects that you no longer use. Donate, recycle or sell them. The fewer boxes there are, the less time-consuming and expensive the move will be. So you know what you have to do!

Organize the Long-Distance Journey

Finally, for a successful long-distance move, you should organize your trip. To avoid surprises, plan a route where your truck’s size, weight, or consumption will not be a problem. Indeed, along certain roads, some trucks will not pass. So, anticipate and plan a route that will not waste your time.